Transportation and Fitness Simplified

> Grab a bike anywhere without having to worry about storing or returning it.
> Turn your bike into a revenue generating device without hustle. (t1)

Easy To Customize

Setup your preferences as a bike owner or rider in minutes. Access the bikechain via native iphone, android app, or simply logon to the website. (t2)

User Friendly

Fit - Join the global movement to be healthy, and leave the car at home. (t3)

24/7 support

Questions answered, cases settled, and support offered anytime, anywhere. (t4)

modern Design

We’ve borrowed some ideas from some others. But, we think you’ll like some of our own cool features. (t5)

Hybrid Design

Ethereum blockchain is still at its early stages. Currently, it reaches max capacity at around 6 transactions per second, compared to tens of thousands of transactions per second for major stock exchange. Decentralized platforms still have a long way to go to support decentralized applications. For this reason, we will building our application on hybrid architecture for phase one. And then switch to full on- chain design when the underlying blockchain scalability allows for it. In this phase, we will rely on off- chain server to handle computationally- intense business logic, like matching drivers and perform all payment transactions on- chain.

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Awesome Screenshots

See It Work - The bikechain is simple and makes sense. Checkout some examples and feedback. (t13)

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Meet The Team

We’re looking for great people to join our team. Help us grow our team. (t15)

Michael is a business-oriented software engineer with over ten years of experience in backend development and distributed architecture. As a Senior Developer of our blockchain solution, he is building and coordinating the core functionality of Bikechain.
Michael Arbach

Michael Arbach


Christian’s passion for financial statements, company profitability and growth will add a consistent and ethical business practice to bikechain. From selling software to car dealerships to helping market online products his experience translates to a hands-on approach to delivery customer satisfaction and retention. (t17)

Christian Salazar


Before contributing to the ICO, please make sure you have read and agreed to Bikechain “crowd sale agreement” document found below

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Term Of Service

Term Of Service

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Contributing Rules

There are strict rules and precautions to follow while participating within the Bikechain ICO.
Send ETH from your personal wallet, make sure you have private keys for your wallet.

  • Do not send funds from exchanges like Coinbase, Poloniex etc.
  • Do not send your funds before the crowd sale has begun.
  • BKC will be sent immediately to the wallet from which the ETH arrived.
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